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Mobile Patrols protect your property day and night. They are a suitable alternative if static guarding is impractical or too expensive when high visibility is required. We visit at random times and check pre-determined locations which means you will have the peace of mind knowing we are patrolling exactly what you want us to protect. We will provide you with detailed reports of mobile patrols carried out so that you can be confident that the patrols are taking place and you are notified of every incident that may have taken place.Mobile Patrols act as an effective deterrent to protect premises and work well at building sites, schools, factories and car parks.

If you're responsible for a commercial building in London, Essex and the South East, you are probably already well aware of the frustrations that can arise every time your security alarm is activated. This usually takes place during the early hours or when you're doing something really important. It is therefore reassuring to know that Alemo Security ltd can take care of this for you.


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